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Lost Sanctum

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  1. Jul 02,  · Skyscale Lost—Sanctum of Nabkha. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. You found your skyscale exploring this area. Hint: Find your Skyscale in the Sanctum of Nabkha in Crystal Oasis. — In-game description.
  2. Long ago, when Eruil'vyn settlers first trekked through the Amani Range. They found ruin of an amani temple, and broke ground for Evanil'danas upon the ruin. Scholars looked through the relics left behind and deciphered that the trolls worshipped a being belonging to the skies at the location. Not much was thought of it, but from clues on broken pottery and tablets, the .
  3. Aug 12,  · Moonsouls The Lost Sanctum is the 3rd game in the Moonsouls series and this one takes the blue ribbon. This game simply blew me away and I loved it! The Lost Sanctum is a quality piece of art and yes, even I found the game to be a bit short although it took me almost six hours to complete/5.
  4. Moonsouls: The Lost Sanctum Collector's Edition. Average Rating Rate this game Thank you for submitting your review, your feedback is always appreciated. Can you stop a buried past from destroying your world? In Moonsouls: The Lost Sanctum CE. Tags Hidden /5().
  5. Skyscale Lost-Sanctum of Nabkha “Find your skyscale in the Sanctum of Nabkha in Crystal Oasis”. Go to Destiny’s Gorge Waypoint Go to Destiny’s Gorge Waypoint and go West to the Sanctum of Nabhka PoI. Enter the Sand Portal on the far East.

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