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Diamonds* - Why War In The City (Vinyl)

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  1. Aug 03,  · Hemming Park, located in front of City Hall, was named after Civil War veteran Charles C. Hemming in after he donated a Confederate monument to the city. Mayor Lenny Curry ordered the removal.
  2. Despite the diamond's complete lack of inherent value, the company manufactured an image of diamonds as a status symbol. And to keep the price of diamonds high, despite the abundance of new diamond finds, De Beers executed the most effective monopoly of the 20th century. Ok, we get it De Beers, you guys are really good at business!
  3. Attempting to create a concise, foundational reading list for fellow students of international studies is a daunting task. In fact, I’d argue that it’s just as difficult as creating a list for.
  4. Blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds, brown diamonds, hot diamonds, or red diamonds) are diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity. The term is used to highlight the negative consequences of the diamond trade in certain areas, or to label an individual diamond as having come from .
  5. 15 hours ago · Since the first use of a nuclear weapon in Hiroshima 75 years ago today, on Aug. 6, , the story of where the uranium for the bomb came from and the covert operation the U.S. employed to secure.
  6. The Diamonds are a Canadian vocal quartet that rose to prominence in the s and early s. Formed in the group has had a number of line-up changes and is still active.
  7. IAN SMILLIE: Well, our contention is that the diamonds are fueling war. A lot of the diamond industry is clean, but 10% is not clean. It’s got blood all over it. And I think what the average.
  8. Jul 30,  · Jordyn Taylor: Growing up as a Jewish kid who loved history, I was constantly reading about people resisting the Nazis in World War II. My parents actually had to put a temporary ban on me taking.

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